Edith Karlson (born 1983) is a freelance artist from Estonia.

Edith has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts, where she studied sculpture (BA & MA). After her Master’s studies she instructed Art Academy students of her field. In 2006 Karlson won Young Artist of the Year award and in 2015 People’s Choice Award of the Köler Prize. Her sculptural pieces are often the result of mixed techniques, combining classical and untraditional materials. They show a variety of characters, from colourful small animals to dinosaurs, not to mention humans. Every piece is often closely related to an installation that tells an allegorical story about the inevitable, the sad but as well the funny course of life. Karlson’s artwork brings ancient mythologies to mind and the creatures of her fantasy world communicate with each other throughout her unique art production, retelling us fascinating legends that could be seen as contemporary folklore.

Karlson has had many solo and group exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. In 2010 she participated in the Leonardo da Vinci International programme and assisted Veronica Brovall in Berlin. In 2011 she collaborated with Sarah Lucas and art collective Gelitin on an exhibition „Lucas-Bosch- Gelatine“ in Kunsthalle Krems in Austria. In 2015 Karlson assisted Sarah Lucas in the production of Lucas’ solo exhibition “I Scream Daddio” for the British Pavillion at the Venice Biennale.


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